Reasons Emergency Pediatric Dentist gives for Teeth Grinding in Sleep


There are many problems faced by kids even when they are asleep. It is very frustrating for the parents to see their child in agony during the night when you can’t anything for them; just you have to wait for the morning to take them for treatment and remedy.

One of these problems is when the child is suffering the ordeal of teeth grinding. There are several reasons for it that are told by Emergency Pediatric Dentist which are understandable and can be the cause of great physical pain to the child and psychological torture to the parents to know that their child is suffering from agony.

Teeth Grinding in Sleep:

Teeth grinding is an involuntary action that is done for many reasons. It is most commonly done while awake but there are several kids that are helpless and do it in their sleep.

The difference between doing it while you are not sleeping and while sleeping is that the former one is very mild but the later one can have severe side effects.

Why Teeth grinding is bad?

If a child grinds the teeth but very rarely then it is normal as a little grinding is acceptable as all children do it. But if it increases to an extreme level then it is dangerous as illustrated by a pediatric orthodontist near me. It can cause many complications and problems.

Affects the whole Mouth:

Not only the teeth but also the whole mouth is affected by this condition. As this habit increases gradually the teeth can lose their grip from the gums and eventually breaks out.

The gums can be damaged by soreness and even bleeding can start. Moreover, the jaws can worsen and a feeling of tightness can be felt.

Can develop in later Years:

It is most likely that the habit can develop in later years of the life of the child. If the teeth grinding ends in the child but it is not confirmed that it has gone forever; it can start during the years to come in the future.

Extensive Teeth Damage:

The teeth of the child can be extensively damaged as it harms the enamel covering in the teeth. When this enamel is lost the teeth are more prone to sensitivity. It can also be the result of broken teeth because the force is put on them.

Aches in the Head Region:

As discussed above this Bruxism condition not only affects the teeth and gums but also creates discomfort in the head region and impacts the whole head.

The child may experience different pains like headaches, toothaches, earaches and severe pain in the jaw.

Reasons by Emergency Pediatric Dentist for Teeth Grinding in sleep:

“As soon as you anticipate that your child is suffering from Bruxism; it is crucial that you immediately go to a dentist near to your home like Pediatric Dentist Tulsa.

In these types of clinics, dentists treat the patients also educate the parents of various reasons as to why children grind their teeth while sleep.

Tension and Anxiety:

Everybody in this world is suffering from some kind of tension and anxiety but the difference is that the intensity is diversified. Many people think that children have no tension in their lives, but that is not true.

Children have their own types of anxieties and tensions; although for adults these may be unimportant to the kids they are vital. So try your best to understand the problem and help to reduce it.

Small Opening of Airway:

When enough oxygen is not reaching the brain; it instructs the jaw to move forward so that air can pass through and reach the brain. But this clenches the teeth and damage is done also it can lead to snoring as sinuses blockage is there.

Parasite in the Digestive System:

It is a very serious issue that should be addressed because parasites in the digestive system will not only affect the intestines, stomach and other parts of the system; but also these create toxic materials in the body that directly have a negative influence on the brain and send signals that case Bruxism.

Problems caused by Brain:

Have ever noticed that children having different neurological problems can also suffer from Bruxism? There are many children that have various medical as well as psychological conditions associated with the brain that can cause kids to grind their teeth like; ADHD, Autism, damage to the Brain, Down syndrome and even Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.

The children that have these disorders grind their teeth even in their sleep.

Problems within the Teeth:

Indeed one of the most important reasons for teeth grinding or Bruxism that has been told by Emergency Pediatric Dentist is that the teeth itself can be a major contributor.

There are many children that are born with defected faces and that can affect the development of the teeth. Or their face may be perfect but various other factors are contributors like a missing tooth, a cracked or damaged one and a most importantly odd arrangement of the teeth.

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