Is There a Precise Age for Circumcision Surgery In Adults?


As an adult, do you consider opting or the adult circumcision? The chances may be low because you fear the thought of the pain that may tag along with the surgery. However, several studies show that men who opt for the procedure once they cross the age of 35 are at a lower risk of contracting health issues like prostate cancer.

Compared to uncircumcised men, for many, the main concern is whether the cut would be painful or it will be an easy surgery. Surprisingly, adult circumcision doesn’t bring with so much pain.

Most patients that choose the circumcision surgery in adults agree that the pain threshold is minimal. Some painkillers help to keep the pain under control as well.

Opting for the circumcision surgery is actually a good decision. It helps to keep away several health conditions that may affect your health. In men, the truth is that when the skin folds, there is a higher chance that it would harbor severe infections.

There is a high chance that it will increase the chances of sexually transmitted diseases, as well as increase the chances of them spreading. In addition, circumcision in men and STD’s have a common link. A recent survey showed that there are 48% chances of the problem escalating and leading to other serious problems like prostate cancer.

Is There A Set Age To Opt For The Snip?

When it comes to circumcision in men, rest assured that there is no precise age for the removal of the foreskin of the penis. No matter what age, whether a man is just in teenage years or older, he can consider the Circumcision Center snip.

Sometimes, it could be that you struggle with medical conditions and this can call for the need for the surgery. At such times, the only option would be to consider circumcision surgery.

So many clinics offer circumcision surgery for men. In many cases, these are same day patients, which means they can walk into the clinic on that same day and walk out as well. Under good health facilities, the surgery can last for even an hour, with fast recovery or minimal discomfort.

What are the Main Reasons Why Men Consider Circumcision?

You should know that circumcision in men is an unusual procedure. In many cases, doctors recommend the procedure and advise men to go for the snip if they are having health problems.

These could include phimosis, inflammation of the penis, balanitis, or any other similar problem that makes it a problem for them to retract the foreskin of their penis.

In many cases, these problems are common in men who are diabetic, and they are eligible candidates to consider circumcision surgery. Through circumcision, it is easier to maintain proper hygiene and ensure the penis remains clean at all times.

Possible Infections and the Need for Circumcision Surgery in Adults

Where the penis experiences any problem, the first sign of problem a specialist would look out for is the chance for possible infections. The urologist would then prescribe some anti-inflammatory or anti-fungal ointment to help resolve the problem.

In some cases, yeast infection could occur in men who do not opt for circumcision, and this can thrive better in warm and moist environments, usually beneath the foreskin of the penis.

However, if this problem persists and infection occurs again, the best solution may be to opt for the circumcision surgery. Furthermore, there could be other reasons that encourage the need for circumcision in men. These often include:

Personal Preference

In most cases, men consider adult circumcision surgery because of their own personal preference. It could be that their female partner prefers that they have a circumcised and neat look. However, some men also feel that it is better to keep their penis neat and the best way is through the adult circumcision surgery.


Phimosis is also another reason why men opt for the cut. This makes it a lot difficult for them to pull the foreskin of the penis backward. Usually, it brings a lot of pain. To get a better cure from the condition, the possible cure is to opt for circumcision, which would eliminate the chances of the problem escalating.


Another major reason for the circumcision surgery decision is pain that comes along with swelling and inflammation if the foreskin. To get better relief from the problem, most men opt for circumcision surgery, and it helps a lot.

Proper Hygiene

Furthermore, with an uncircumcised penis, it can become a challenge to maintain proper hygiene. Since the foreskin has layers of thick skin, it is possible that bacteria accumulate inside and this leads to serious health problems.

Other reasons to consider the adult circumcision surgery is health problems like paraphimosis, penile cancer, urinary tract infections,and genital warts.

Regardless of the health problems that you have, it is best that you seek the help of a specialist, who would be able to guide you well on the procedure, the possible risks and the overall benefits of the surgery.

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