Benefits of Bitter Leaf and Scent Leaf


Benefits for Bitter Leaf

Bitter leaf has various medicative values and advantages to human health and life style. The leaf exhibit some anti-bacterial and antifungal properties that create it an honest home remedy to many health problems like infectious disease, diarrhea, high force per unit area and plenty of others.

Some individuals might not notice bitter leaf thus fantastic because of bitter style however the health advantages of bitter leaf highlighted within the sections below can go an extended thanks to modification some people’s views regarding the leaf.

Bitter leaf contains falconoid and alternative plant compounds that have organic process values that promote overall health.


Bitter leaf botanically referred to as herb amygdaline may be a healthy bitter vegetable that’s majorly full-grown within the western and southern a part of Nigeria, geographical area.

They area unit full-grown with the stem and are in the main planted throughout the descending season as a result of their acknowledged to grow well within the timber areas.

This vegetable is thought as onugbu in Igbo, efo ewuro in Yoruba, shakwa shuwaka in Hausa and etidot in Cross Watercourse State of Nigeria; it’s bitter in style because the name implies.

They are particularly acknowledged in Nigeria for cookery purposes; utilized in getting ready Nigerian soup referred to as Onugbu soup in Igbo land and plenty of alternative native cuisines.

It is conjointly used for pharmaceutical functions in medicines like anti-helminths, laxative and fertility induction pills.

Bitter leaves itself; the roots and therefore the plant, in general, area unit extremely medicative and serve sure organic process advantages within the physical body.

Bitter Leaf Tea

Bitter leaf tea is AN extract from the bitter leaf itself, used for medicative purpose in treating duct problems and usually protects the body from damages to cells, tissues and organs.

Nutritional Facts regarding Bitter Leaf

Bitter leaf tho’ bitter in style contains essential vitamins like A, C and E, thiamin and B2.

Other vital nutrients found in bitter leaf area unit nutrients area unit fibre, proteins and minerals like metallic element, zinc, iron, calcium, potassium, phosphorus, antioxidant and antioxidant in traceable quantity.

There is conjointly a presence of plant compounds like andrographolide, sesquiterpenoids, polimetoksiflavon, apigenin, labdane diterpenoid and andragrafin in traceable amounts.

Photochemical like alkaloids, steroid, tannins, terpenes and spooning are found in bitter leaf.

1. Helps to Clear Fever

Bitter leaves contain flavonoids which have powerful inhibitor effects in treating many health problems such as feverish conditions.

Other parts like andrographolide lactones, glucosides, diterpene are gift within the leaves and work along to treat and minify fever and its symptoms.

A glass of bitter leaf juice may be a sturdy flavouring medication that helps to combat protozoal infection symptoms and cut back fever effects.

2. Lowers High force per unit area

Chewing recent bitter leaves or drinking the juice extracted from the leaves area unit ordinarily acknowledged to scale back the extent of sugar within the blood and management force per unit area because of the bitterness.

This is true as a result of bitter leave has andrographolide content that contributes to sugar reduction within the blood and as reducing the danger of ensuing polygenic disorder.

There is conjointly a trace of metal in bitter leaf that is another sensible remedy for hypertension.

This mineral helps to flush out the buildup of salt that spikes the number of metallic element within the blood and causes delicate force per unit area (high blood pressure).

3. Treats indigestion

They are ingested raw or mashed to induce the juice that is employed in treating abdominal difficulties like symptom, indigestion and digestive tube diseases like infectious disease and connected alternative problems.

Bitter leaves area unit the foremost agents that area unit counseled as a natural remedy for enteral issues and abdomen cramps.

Get a couple of recent bitter leaves. Wash okay with very little amount of salt and water.

Squeeze okay to extract the juice then take a glass of this juice doubly on a daily basis to flush off abdomen issues.

4. sensible For the Bones & Teeth

Vitamin C is a powerful inhibitor mineral found in bitter leaves that encompasses a special role within the body that is that the maintenance of bones and teeth further as bar of deficiencies related to this essential victuals.

It conjointly contains a trace of vitamin K. The functions of this victuals extend outside curdling because it includes maintaining healthy bones and bar of bone tissues weakness called osteoporosis.

5. Improves Body Metabolism

Vitamin B1 referred to as aneurin, in alternative words, plays vital role within the metabolism of lipids, amino acids and aldohexose within the physical body.

Thiamine is a very important dietary supplement occurring naturally in a very bitter leaf that helps to oxidize fatty acids in alternative to supply the synthesis of lipids.

Metabolism of lipids is usually related to that of macromolecule which may be born-again into fats by acknowledged processes.

Bitter leaf is incredibly effective during this chemical synthesis referred to as metabolism as a result of it contains the mineral that plays the key role.

6. Fights Free Radicals

Another nutrient in bitter leaf, that is vitamins E serves as AN inhibitor that fights against free radicals that have harmful effects on the body system.

Bitter leaf contains also anti-bacterial compound known as sesquiterpenoids that offer the property of bitter style.

The major operate of this plant compound is to scavenge free radicals from the body system further as terminate their activities.

7. Prevents Cancer Risks

Presence of anti-cancer properties in bitter leaves makes it effective in preventing and management ofhydatidiform mole, trophoblastic tumour and lung tumour that area unit signs of cancer.

Bitter leaf has conjointly been mixed with alternative flavouring preparations in an alternate medication experiment on carcinoma and was found effective.

Andrographolide, labdane diterpenoid gift in bitter leaf may be a plant compound and a powerful cancer curative agent that has been studied scientifically and located effective within the treatment of stomachic cancer, colon and prostate cancers.

8. Treats polygenic disorder

In fact, bitter leaves have versatile curative and medicative properties which may treat and manage sure health conditions.

Scientifically, it’s been proved  that bitter leaf contains plant compounds that contribute to its bitter style and play a polar role in analgetic the blood glucose level and promoting traditional hypoglycemic agent operate.

This compound in bitter leaf hinders the rising of aldohexose within the blood that ends up in the risks of polygenic disorder.

9. Improve Fertility in girls

Bitter leaf has the power to enhance a really vital feminine steroid hormone that contributes to fruitful development and regulation.

It helps to improve quality internal secretion profile and further prevents the toxification of immunoglobulin that fights a very important feminine steroid hormone, steroid hormone and replica.

Bitter leaf is incredibly effective in girls fruitful life for its capability of providing balance within the reproductive organ internal secretion.

10. Detoxifies The Body

The juice extracted from bitter leaf has detoxifying properties that facilitate in scouring off impurities from the body.

This result also helps to induce eliminate toxins within the liver, kidney as well because the lungs and whole physical body. In such a fashion prevents liver and urinary organ issues like stone development in such areas.

11. Helps in Weight Loss

Most of the properties of the bitter leaf have an on the spot association with weight loss.

To start with, incorporating bitter leaf as a vegetable in daily meals or consumption simply a couple of recent leaves on a daily basis or drinking the juice helps to reduce excess calories which will cause weight gain.

It conjointly helps to chase away excess fat within the body that is the bad cholesterol as mentioned earlier during this article.

The fibre content in it and every one the properties related to weight loss that’s found in bitter leaf create it an honest weight loss diet.

12. Helps in treating many Infections

Aside all the health advantages pin-pointed on top of, bitter leaf has the properties to treat skin wounds, it may also facilitate in treating mouth inflammations, skin infections, toothache, typhoid, ear inflammation, TB and tract diseases.


Bitter leaf is a wonderful vegetable with a line of health advantages. It conjointly contributes to sure healthy life style and human outlook.

On the skin, bitter leaf proves thus effective as a result of it helps to wipe off wrinkles because of ageing effects and radicals inflicting skin issues.

Upon all the profit, a warning conjointly follows that this leaf mustn’t lean to infants and people with urinary organ issues except on recommendation by health practitioners.

Benefits for Scent Leaf:

Do you comprehend the superb health edges of scent leaf? Where you even aware that this leaf possesses edges that’s sensible for your health? Don’t worry, this post is meant to pour lightweight on the matter and assist you gain some understanding on the matter. The amazing health benefits of scent leaf are thanks to its antiseptic, medicinal drug and antifungal properties. Properties that square measure required to create your health operate at the best attainable capability.

  • Dangerous Breath

Scent leaf is understood for its ability to kill microorganism within the mouth and facilitate defend dangerous breath. It’s conjointly aforesaid to be ready to forestall cavity.

  • plant Infections

Scent leaf crushed and applied to skin infections could be a famous remedy for his or her treatment. The liquid extract can even cure cold and rubor. 

  • Food Preservative

Due to its medicinal drug and antimicrobial properties, scent leaf oil extract is additionally used as a food preservative.

  • Treat Malaria and Fever

Scent leaf mixed with bitter leaf is used up here in African country as a potent treatment for protozoal infection and fever.  

  • Oral Hygiene

Chewing stick is what most rural inhabitants use for cleansing their mouth. And also the scent leaf stick is incredibly effective therein look on its health properties square measure skipped over to the mouth whereas mastication thereon. 

  • Dipterous insect

Repellent Allow the scent Leaf to dry up beneath the sun, then burn it. it’ll function a strong dipterous insect repellent. 

  • Pain Relief

The liquid extract is employed for treating ear ache and colon pains.

  • Gut Health

Scent leaf can assist you along with your abdomen aches, dysentry, diarrhoea and emesis.

  • organic process Health

Scent leaf will facilitate relief bloating and conjointly assist you digest your meals on time. It can even facilitate with internal organ evacuation. 

  • Lower Blood Sugar

Among the superb health edges of scent leaf is its ability to lower blood glucose levels and facilitate forestall injury to the exocrine gland. 

  • Repair Smoking Damages

Scent leaf can even repair damages caused by smoking and alkaloid. it’s aforesaid to be ready to cut back the alkaloid content within the body. 

  • Sterility Issues

It is claimed that scent leaf will facilitate a person treat ejaculation. Its essential amino acid content is understood property that has been established to assist main AN optimum penial health. Conjointly the content epigenin fenkhona and eugenol in Scent will facilitate erection.

  • Milk Production

Having problems with the quantity of milk returning out? Then be told that scent leaf acn facilitate with the assembly of a lot of milk. 

  • Anti-Inflammatory

As we have a tendency to already apprehend, inflammation will cause our bodies to become venerable to all or any forms of illness and diseases. Scent leaf is medicine and it it will assist you avoid the assorted dangerous effects from inflammation. I hope this list of the thirteen superb health edges of scent leaf would encourage you to berries the plant. 

Warning: Pregnant ladies square measure advised to remain aloof from its usage because it is understood to cause miscarriage.

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